Marie Callender's Meatless Be'f Pot Pie

Gardein plant-based be'f with vegetables prepared in a golden flaky crust with gravy. No artificial flavors. 24 g of protein per pie. New! Made with plant-based Gardein Be'f. No preservatives. Made with Gardein meat-free, plant-based proteins. There's something different (and delicious) inside this pot pie, and it comes from plants. We switched things up with tender pieces of Gardein meat-free, plant-based be'f instead of regular beef. You won't believe the taste and texture. Whether you're going meatless or just eating less meat, it's a simple and satisfying swap so you can get more pant-based protein from the comfort foods you crave. Golden flaky crust made from scratch. Made from scratch gravy. SmartLabel: Scan or call 1-800-595-7010 for more food information. Questions or comments, visit us at or call 1-800-595-7010.